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Free Range Pork

Chemical Free

We feed only a completely balanced diet, no supplements, additives, or growth hormones.


99% Hardwood

Your dried 99% hardwood firewood is tightly stacked, sealed from the elements, and ready to burn. More Info

Check Out Our Firewood

Our Smartwood Firewood

Order next years wood now. Each bin is approximately 1/2 cord. Each bin is approximately 1/2 cord, delivered in a watertight container, and placed where you want it. No muss, no fuss. All wood has had its bark removed, leaving dried hardwood at optimum moisture levels and ready to burn. No pesky bugs, no woodpile stacking, no wood "junk" piling up on your property. Message for prices, delivery dates, and don't get caught out in the cold next winter.

All Wood Is Guaranteed

All wood guaranteed, if you find a stick of firewood that is not perfect, I'll replace it with two more, that's how confident we are that our hard work will make your woodfires the most efficient, clean, and efficient possible!

More information about Kiln-Drying Wood (PDF)

Come Join Us

Our Berkshire pork has sold out for the year!!

Our pasture raised Berkshire Pork has sold out for the 12th year in a row!!!! Thank you to all of our gourmet buyers, we will be confirming your orders in the next few weeks and arranging for pickup & delivery dates.

Again, thank you for supporting us again this year and welcome our new partners! Look forward to our summer season, firewood sales, and maybe our first grape planting!
Joe & Sue
You can reach us at the following sites & numbers if you have any questions:

  • email:
  • phone: 856-358-2415 (Joe’s cell)
  • phone: 856-358-2415 (house phone)

Our Second Lives

Come join us as we launch our second lives. My wife and I have retired from educational careers that we loved and are embarking on our life long part time passion, farming, full time! We currently raise pork, grow pumpkins and gourds, and cut and sell firewood. We are expanding into grapes in the near future, and from there, the sky's the limit. Sit down, relax, and explore our website, which was created by Kelly Ann Jones of Raven Media, LLC, an education colleague, and a graphic artist and website designer.

Our Story

We have lived on our farm for the past 35 years, raised our family, worked in our careers, and now are beginning our second life. We spent many years developing a philosophy for farming that was compatible with our values. It's always been important to maintain the land under our stewardship in a natural, protected manner. We do not use chemicals or steroids, or anything that would compromise our land. Of course that meant a lot of what some would call unnecessary time & effort. Read more of our story...